Olena Yuriyivna

Deputy Rector for Research,
Doctor of Study of Art,


In 1988 Olena Yu. Olenina graduated from Kharkiv State Institute of Culture and got the speciality Cultural awareness-building work, director of community theatre.

In 1992 she obtained the speciality Organisation of advertising activity at School of Business Communication and Publicity under the Association of Advertising Men of USSR and Institute of Advanced Training for media agents under State Committee of Science and Engineering (Moscow, former USSR).

In 1997 she completed postgraduate studies at the Department of Philosophy at Kharkiv Aviation Institute named after M.Ye. Zhukovsky. Her Candidate’s dissertation in Study of Art Advertising as a phenomenon of the art culture was defended in 1997 and became the first dissertation in Ukraine dedicated to that particular topic.

In 1998 O. Olenina began working at Kharkiv State Academy of Culture.

In 2005 she became an associate professor at the Department of Management of Socio-Cultural Activity at Kharkiv State Academy of Culture.

In 2010 O. Olenina became the Head of the Department of Management of Socio-Cultural Activity at Kharkiv State Academy of Culture.

In 2011 she defended her doctoral thesis in Study of Art (academic speciality: 26.00.01 Theory and History of Culture). Her doctoral thesis was Role specificity of art in modern cultural-communicative context.

Since 2013 Olena Olenina has been working as Deputy Rector for Research at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts


From 1990 till 2010 she was actively involved in practical activity in the sphere of communicative management, namely she headed the information and publicity department in Financial and Industrial Group Sigma, as well as the marketing and publicity department in LLC Brig Ltd. and joint-stock commercial bank Basis.

Major research areas are modern tendencies in the development of culture and art, strategic research of publicity agenda in the context of study of art discourse.

Olena Olenina is an author of more than 60 scholarly articles among which there is a scientific publication Publicity as an art and aesthetic value and the monograph Transformations of art in the communicative culture of the society.

Postal address:
8, Chervonopraporna st.,
Kharkiv, Ukraine,

Tel: +38 (057) 706 28 08
Email: academy@ksada.edu.ua