The Department of Architecture was established at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts as part of the Faculty of Design of the Environment. The department began its work on September 1, 2020. But the teaching of architecture at the Аcademy has a long history.

Training of architects began at the Kharkiv Art College (today the Academy of Design and Arts) as early as in 1924. It had the status of a higher educational institution. The architectural department created at that time (later the faculty) trained artists-architects. Among the teachers were such outstanding architects as K. Zhukov, A. Ginzburg, M. Nikolaev, M. Pokorny, V. Pokrovsky, V. Trotsenko, Yu. Tsaune. Among the graduates of those times are Yanovitsky G., Z. Permilovsky, S. Mezhirovsky and others. The buildings of these masters still adorn the streets of Kharkiv.

In 2018, the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts resumed the admission of students to study in the specialty 191: "Architecture and Urban Planning", the educational program "Architectural Landscape Environment". As part of this program, students receive knowledge on the design of residential and public facilities, which students develop together with the environment. This approach allows to seamlessly form a modern urban space. Specialists capable of solving such problems are in demand in the modern labour market.

Comprehensive training of a future specialist while studying at the Academy has an enhanced artistic component, which distinguishes it from training in the specialty "Architecture and Urban Planning" in other educational institutions and allows the student to receive a diploma as an architect-artist.

While training, students study academic drawing and painting, the basis of color science, sculpture, the basics of architectural composition and graphics. Such disciplines as semiotics in architecture, land art in landscape design, light and color design and urban ecology allow students to navigate the modern problems of organizing the architectural and landscape environment and solve design problems at a competitive level.

Design tasks performed by architecture students in different courses have practical direction, they are developed in real conditions and take into account such current requirements as inclusiveness and environmental friendliness. The skill of the students of the Department of Architecture is confirmed by awards at various creative competitions in which students actively participate.

The general creative atmosphere and communication during training, participation in field practices on the territory of Ukraine and abroad allow students to enrich their personal knowledge and establish contacts with creative youth of other architectural and art educational institutions, which contributes to the assimilation of world experience and its use in further professional activities.

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