Viktor Yakovych

Rector of KSADA, Academician
of The National Academy
of Arts of Ukraine
Doctor of Study of Art,
Honoured Artist of Ukraine


Viktor Yu. Danylenko was born on 24 July 1952 in the city of Kharkiv.

He finished school with an enhanced education in foreign languages. Also he studied at children’s art school, art studio, and in 1974 he graduated from Kharkiv Institute of Arts and Crafts.

From 1974 till 1975 Viktor Danylenko did his military service in the anti-aircraft missile troops. Then he worked for a year as a chief artist engineer at All-Union Engineering and Experimentative Institute (Lviv, Ukraine).

In 1976 he was invited to work at Kharkiv Institute of Arts and Crafts where he had got his occupational education.

He passed his Ph.D. defense in 1989 at Moscow Higher Arts and Crafts College (former Stroganov’s College). His Ph.D. thesis was To the history of the formation of domestic design (1900-1940). In 1992 he became Associate Professor.

In 2006 he passed his doctoral thesis defense at Lviv National Academy of Arts. His doctoral thesis was Design in Ukraine within the world context of the art and designing culture of the 20th century (national and globalizing aspects). V. Danylenko is professor since 1996.

He attended training courses at leading design schools of Germany and visited a number of well-known design establishments in Europe and some Asian countries to get familiarized with new methods and technologies.

He worked as a junior research assistant, a senior lecturer, associate professor, professor, and Head of the Department of Design. In 1992 he obtained a position of the Deputy Rector for Research, and in 1999 he was appointed the Rector of KSADA.

V. Danylenko is Associate fellow of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine since 2001, Honoured Artist of Ukraine since 2007, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, member of Designers’ Union of Ukraine. He also was a deputy of Kyiv district council of Kharkiv.

Professor is an individual author of three monographs, one text-book, numerous work books, and more than 200 scholarly articles. He has certificates of authorship for design inventions. He is also an author of design projects which have been implemented into series production.

V. Danylenko is the Chairman of the specialized Academic Council K 64.109.01.

He works as a member of the Council of the North-East Research Centre of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine (NAAU) and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU). He is also the Chairman of the East Centre of NAAU, the Chairman of the Subcommittee of Design in the Research and Methodology Committee (RMC) in Arts of MESU.

Professor is the Chief Editor of such digests as Visnyk KhDADM (Bulletin of KSADA) and Tradycii ta novatsii vyshchoi arkhitekturno-khudozhnioi osvity (Traditions and novations of the higher architectonic and art education). He is also an editorial board member of the academic periodical Kharkivsky kolegium (Kharkiv Collegium).

Viktor Yakovych Danylenko is a prize winner In Optima Forma (2006), a winner of V. Yermilov Municipal Creative Work Prize (2004). Also he is awarded with The Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine (2005), a holder of The Diploma of the international Design Project Gestaltung von GefáBen und Verpackungen fűr DANONE-joghurt (2005). He is a holder of Decoration of MESU Za naukovi dosyagnennya (Achievements in Research) (2007),The Diploma of Designers’ Union of Ukraine, Certificates of honour of both Kharkiv regional state administration and Kharkiv city council.

V. Danylenko has got a number of Letters of Acknowledgement from various state, public, and sport organisations and is introduced in the book Samye znamenitye kharkovchane (The most famous residents of Kharkov).